Jennifer Chairge, CRNP

Jennifer Chairge, CRNP

Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner

About Jennifer Chairge, CRNP

As a family wellness practitioner, Jennifer Chairge brings empathy, a sense of humor, and most importantly a welcoming and inclusive communication style, making it easy for her to talk to patients and family members.

A typical day for Jenn consists of comprehensive patient-centered assessments. Because each patient has complex and individual needs, it is important for her to establish a collaborative relationship with her patients that is founded on trust. Although Jenn prescribes medications, she also sees the value of practicing medicine that is holistically based. By ensuring active listening, taking time to educate patients on lifestyle changes and disease management, and ensuring that patients feel heard and included in their care, patients can feel confident knowing they will be met with care that is both comprehensive and founded on best practices.

Jenn started her career as a staff nurse and has continued grow in her medical career since. She received her Master’s Degree in Nursing from West Virginia Wesleyan College. After spending time with postpartum mothers and newborns, she developed a strong passion for women’s health. Jenn has also strengthened her medical knowledge and assessment/prioritization skills during her time working in emergency medicine. While working as a Medical Case Manager, she experienced firsthand how the needs of her patients extend well beyond the office walls. Assurance and care will always be taken to see that patients are provided with care that is both accessible and realistic for the patient’s current state.

In an ever-evolving world that is constantly changing, there remains one constant, and that is Jenn’s passion for healthcare and her patients. Empathy remains at the center of her practice, and she will continue to embrace change and remain up-to-date on best practices for the good of her patients and the practice.

The ability to embrace change and find knowledge in uncharted waters is one of Jenn’s unique qualities. Strong communication skills and a kind soul have been her greatest assets in her career dedicated to the service of all patients.


AB in Marketing, Bradford School of Business
BA in Political Science, Allegheny College
BA in Philosophy, Allegheny College
RN, BSN, Waynesburg University
MSN, West Virginia Wesleyan College


Certified Registered Family Nurse Practitioner, American Nursing Credentialing Center
Certified Lactation Consultant, Penn State University